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Mega Purim 5783
05 марта 2023
Игорь Иртеньев в программе "Мужчины Бальзаковского Возраста"
17 октября 2021
Экскурсия по Иерусалиму с Марком Галесником на Youtube
02 августа 2021
Лекция Андрея Боровского на канале Youtube
30 мая 2021
Встреча с Иосифом Райхельгаузом на канале Youtube
21 февраля 2021

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About us

The Jewish Women’s Club Toronto is the first secular club for Russian-speaking women in Toronto and GTA, focusing on discovering and exploring one’s Jewish-Russian identity, culture, celebrating Jewish holidays, and discovering Jewish history and traditions.

We host various events with engaging speakers and musicians with the primary goal of strengthening the Jewish community as well as empowering Russian-Jewish women.

We place emphasis on developing and maintaining ties with the Canadian and global Jewish community through myriad events, gatherings, and charity work.

Our history, events, and information about our club

Jewish Women’s Club Toronto was established in 2014 under the umbrella of a non-profit organization: Successful Woman Council.

Our organization always looked towards the community, as they provide the basis of Jewish life — culturally, spiritually, and socially. Therefore, we have always leaned on core Jewish values such as education, tradition, mutual responsibility, and charity.

This project was conceived as a secular club for the Russian-speaking community of Toronto and the surrounding area, revealing and studying Jewish-Russian identity, culture, Jewish history, and traditions. 

To that end, we are organizing lectures, discussions, and meetings with creative people as well as specialists from various fields of knowledge, including education, history, literature, theatre, music, visual arts, and many others.

We celebrate Jewish and Canadian holidays together.

We focus on developing and maintaining ties with the Canadian and global Jewish communities. To reach most of the Russian-Jewish community, we hold many of our events in Russian; however, some events are held in English — and others include live translation.

One of the important areas of activity is the preservation of the memory of the Jewish people who died during the Second World War.

During the Holocaust week in November each year, we are organizing thematic meetings, inviting witnesses of those events: descendants of survivors in concentration camps or Jews who miraculously escaped. As well, we invite historians and writers to ensure that the tragedies are never forgotten. 

All ages are welcome to our events. While our lectures and information sessions are geared towards adults, we arrange concerts for everyone — from the youngest to the elderly.

And even though our club is named Jewish Women’s Club, you can easily find men in the audience — as all genders are welcome to join our club. In fact, people of all nationalities, races, and cultures are invited to participate in our club and support our mission.

Featured in the press

Статья в «Русском Экспрессе» о концерте ко Дню Мамы — Май 2019 года. 

Статья в «Русском Экспрессе» о Фердинанде Адлере — Ноябрь 2019 года

How to become a member of the club

It is very easy to become a member of our club. We are often asked if it is necessary to be Jewish to participate in the life of our club? And the answer is: no. We are inviting people of all nationalities, race, all ages and genders. If you are interested in what we do, then you are more than welcome to join our growing club.

Club membership is totally free. Though we sell tickets to some of our events, there are many that are free.

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Our partners

Jewish Club was established under the umbrella of a non-profit organization Successful Woman Council.

Our program is supported by UJA Federation of Greater Toronto. Our achievements have been made possible thanks to their support!