Jewish Women’s Club has decided to organize Chinese Jewish
Heritage Month in order to celebrate this long-lasting friendship between two nations and communities
with involvement of other communities too.

Chinese Jewish Heritage Month is a large-scale event and an opportunity for all to learn more about
many accomplishments and contributions from people of Jewish and Chinese heritage to Ontario and the
rest of Canada.

The month of May was chosen because of its meaningfulness to the Jewish community around the world
— Canadian Jewish Heritage Month. Notably, it often lines up with Shavuot or the “Feast of Weeks”,
which celebrates the spring harvest and commemorates the revelation of the Torah. Moreover, Asian
Heritage Month is also celebrated in May.

Chinese Jewish Heritage Month supports values of peace and solidarity between nations, generations
and inside families, as well as will promote reconciliation and good-neighbourly relations, that help keep
and maintain cultural diversity and strengthen friendship between peoples and different communities.
Canada is a place where is no space for racism, discrimination or hate. Chinese Jewish Heritage Month
will work on creating and maintaining an inclusive, equitable and anti-racist society.
Chinese Jewish Heritage Month :
— increases awareness and knowledge of inhabitants of Canada about multiculturalism and diversity;
— establishes respect to culture, customs and traditions of Canada’s ethnic groups;
— strengthens inter ethnic solidarity and readiness for equal cooperation;
— shares Chinese and Jewish history of friendship.